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Quality just got affordable! The Piccolo is a stylish concentrate pen-shaped vaporizer focused on making a complete sensory experienced vape. Dive into the best sky of clouds and flavour your shatter, wax, dab, and more can create.

The wedge shaped mouthpiece is designed to intuitively be placed against the vaper's lower lip that triggers a natural column of air inside the chamber. And Piccolo’s unique magnetic cap enhances the user experience while preventing the mess of sticky threaded caps.The easy-to-use chamber is designed to produce high density vapor and almost remove the cleaning process. Powered by a 1000mAh battery, Piccolo offers 3 heating temperature settings and a battery indicator to alert you when to get your charger.

Piccolo Vape Pen Features:

Use: Concentrates
Easy-to-Use Chamber
Heating Ceramic Platform
Intuitive Mouthpiece
Signature StoneSmiths’ Magnetic Cap
3 Heating Temperature Setting
1000mAh Battery
Battery Indicator
Produced by a Canadian Manufacturer

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